Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

FARE’s Food Allergy Resources for Kids

FARE’s Talking to Children About Their Food Allergies

Be a PAL: Protect A Life™ From Food Allergies education program

FARE’s How To Talk To Your Kids About Food Allergies

Food Allergy Bullying: It’s Not A Joke Campaign

No Appetite For Bullying Campaign

Warning Signs Of Bullying and Getting Your Child To Talk About It

How Children Describe Allergic Reactions ( article)

When Can A Child Self-Inject? (Allergic Living article)

Kyle Dine (Canadian performer, educator, and “Allergy Musician”)

Kyle Dine & Friends Food Allergy Awareness Video For Kids Ages 4-11

FARE’s Food Allergy Resources for Teens

FARE’s Food Allergy Resources for College Students

Morgan’s Corner – an excellent resource for teens with food allergies

Food Allergies in the Real World

Food Allergy Teens Blog

Letter To An Allergic Teenager – From One Who’s Been There

Anaphylaxis Canada Why Risk It? videos for teens

Beyond the Eye Roll and Tune Out: How to Talk to Teens About Food Allergies (Allergic Living article)

21 Resources for Teens With Food Allergies

Food Allergic and Celiac Teens: Advocacy Meets Trending Online (Allergic Living article) (dating site for young adults with food allergies)

Studying Abroad with Food Allergies: An Experience Not To Be Missed

How to Be Safe with Peanut Allergies (video for kids)

Explaining the cause of allergic reactions to kids (video)

Dr. Smarty teaches kids about food allergies (video)

Food Allergy Awareness for School Kids (video) (

AAFA’s Asthma and Allergy Coloring/Activity Book for Kids

*Also check out our list of food allergy books for kids and teens on our Education and Awareness page