Education & Awareness

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” –William Shakespeare

“Knowledge is love and light and vision.” –Helen Keller


The following is a list of resources that may be helpful to you.

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)

FARE’s Food Allergen Alerts

FARE’s How to Read a Label Information Sheet

Consortium of Food Allergy Research (CoFAR)

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

Allergic Living™

Allergy Kids


Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT)

Healthy Child Healthy World

Kids with Food Allergies

Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA)

National Jewish Health Food Allergy Overview

SnackSafely Snack Guide (now includes skin care/cosmetics)

Diet Watch for Common Food Allergies (article with helpful links)

Allergy Free Table

The Allergist Mom

Lessons From a Teen Food Allergy Tragedy | Allergic Living

Kids and Anaphylaxis Anxiety: Four Aspects That Must Be Addressed

Food Allergy Myth vs Fact: Avoiding Allergen

The Lifestyle Guide to Living With Food Allergies with Safety, Ease, and Joy

Peanut Allergen Exposure through Saliva (JACI article)

Over-the-counter medications that may contain peanut or tree nut

American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders (APfed)

Boulder County Celiacs

CURED Foundation

International Association for Food Protein Enterocolitis

Nutties for a Change


Education/Awareness Guidelines & Handouts

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Addendum Guidelines for the Prevention of Peanut Allergy in the United States: Summary for Parents and Caregivers

KFA’s What’s the Big Deal about Food Allergies?

Food Allergy Bullying: It’s Not A Joke Campaign

Steps to Avoid Allergic Reactions

Food Allergy Field Guide (FARE)

Practical Food Allergy Management: A Quick Guide

Food Allergy Management & Education Manual & Toolkit

KFA’s Starter Guide to Parenting a Child with Food Allergies

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (FARE)

Anaphylaxis TOOLKIT

18 Things You Need To Know About Food Allergy Reactions (e-booklet)

NFCA’s The Complete Guide to Starting a Gluten-Free Diet

Food Allergy Babysitting and Drop-Off Form

Be a PAL: Protect A Life From Food Allergies education program

Allergy Home’s free downloadable food allergy posters


Education/Awareness Videos & Webinars

How to Save a Life: Recognizing and Responding to Anaphylaxis – free course to learn more about anaphylaxis, its causes and the proper emergency response

In a Matter of Minutes – The Severity of Food Allergy with Steve Carell

Food Allergy Voices: FARE’s Hope for the Future (video)

An Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America (documentary)

Life With A Food Allergy: An Inside Look (documentary)

Safe4Kids’ Food Allergies: A Growing Epidemic (video)

FARE’s Educational Webinars

Food Allergy Awareness for Parents in the School Community (video) (

Practical Food Allergy Management: Prevention (video) (

How to Be Safe with Peanut Allergies (video)

Explaining the cause of allergic reactions to kids (video)

Dr. Smarty teaches kids about food allergies (video)

How to use EpiPen® (video)

KFA’s Food Allergy Testing Webinar

Food allergy documentary That Bites!, created by 12 year old allergy sufferer Jack Yonover


Books For Adults

*See also our additional book recommendations on our Support page!

Books For Kids

  • Not Today, Butterflies! A Book About Food Allergy Anxiety by Nicole Ondatje
  • Show-and-Tell Scout: Mylan and Disney’s online storybook teaches children about food allergies and anaphylaxis. This is a wonderful resource to educate young children with food allergies, their classmates, families, and friends. There’s also a great FAQ that might teach parents a thing or two as well.
  • Food Allergies and Me: A Children’s Book provides an engaging and relatable experience for children who are beginning to learn about and cope with food allergies (the story is told by a human boy). This is also a great book to share with other children who do not have food allergies!
  • A great book by Nicole Smith, “Chad the Allergic Chipmunk,” educates children and caregivers about tree nut allergies.
  • The Princess and the Peanut Allergy” by Wendy McClure does an excellent job of explaining that even a tiny bite of peanut is dangerous for anyone with a peanut allergy. The story is charmingly illustrated.
  • To help children learn how to explain their food allergy to others, and the importance of having a food-safe environment, Jessica Jacobs wrote, “The Peanut Pickle.” This book helps kids manage tricky or awkward situations that can occur when someone has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts or other foods. This book includes a guide for parents helping their children cope with food allergies.
  • The Bugabees: Friends With Food Allergies” by Amy Recob is an imaginative, rhyming story of eight friends, each with a different food allergy.
  • Amy Recob’s second book, “The Bugy Bops – Friends for All Time” presents simple ways kids can prevent allergic reactions, and introduces children to epi-pens, the signs of an allergic reaction, and cross-contamination.
  • To Be a Nut or Not!” by Michelle Nel Chow provides a safe manner to learn what different tree nuts look like as well answering ‘the’ question, “Just what IS a peanut?”
  • Joey Panda and His Food Allergies Save the Day” by Amishi Murthy, MD and Vivian Chou, MD – this charming book was written by board-certified allergists who saw the need for educating and empowering young children with food allergies.
  •  Dr. Michael Pistiner and The No Biggie Bunch make food allergy education enjoyable and engaging in “The No Biggie Bunch: Everday Cool with Food Allergies“. Kids and caregivers will find answers to their food allergy safety and management questions, and solutions to their everyday challenges. This unique educational platform helps caregivers foster confidence and encourage best practices, while letting kids be kids! Engage. Educate. Empower. The No Biggie Bunch is a book series for Kids Creatively Coping with Food Allergies. Their stories are meant to act as springboards for conversation among children, parents, teachers, friends and family members.
  • Look for other No Biggie Bunch books for kids by Heather Mehra and Kerry McManama too!
  • My Food Allergy Friends is a series of educational books aimed at preschool and school children. The books help educate young children about food allergies and foster allergy awareness in the community.
  • My Year of Epic Rock by Andrea Pyros is recommended for young readers (ages 10-14) with food allergies.
  • My Immune System Needs Glasses by Michelle Nel explains to kids what goes on inside the body when a food allergy reaction occurs.
  • The Great Katie Kate Offers Answers About Asthma by M. Maitland DeLand, MD, is a great book for explaining what asthma is, how it can be triggered, and how medications control it. Definitely geared towards older kids – maybe ages 6 and up??
  • Daisy’s Days with Food Allergies – a children’s storybook about how to manage food allergies, written and illustrated by 15 year old Virginia Heinsen.


Books/Articles Addressing Food Allergy Anxiety or Bullying:

  • Not Today, Butterflies! A Book About Food Allergy Anxiety by Nicole Ondatje
  • Relieving food allergy anxiety with mindfulness
  • Allergy’s High Anxiety: How to Tame Kids’ Fears of Food Reactions
  • Living with food allergies mindfully
  • The Bouncing Worry Ball and Mighty Mitt, by Leslie Brody, PhD
  • What To Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s Guide To Overcoming Anxiety, by Dawn Huebner, PhD
  • Wilma Jean the Worry Machine, by Julia Cook
  • Sea Otter Cove: A Relaxation Story, by Lori Lite
  • Is A Worry Worrying You? by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz
  • David and the Worry Beast, by Anne Marie Guanci
  • Don’t Panic, Annika, by Juliet Clare Bell (a nice book for even younger kids, teaching them to stop, take a deep breath, and count to 10)
  • What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, by Dawn Heubner
  • Peaceful Piggy Meditation, by Kerry Lee MacLean
  • Frenemy Jane by Stephanie Sorkin teaches kids what bullying can look like and how to stop it.
  • Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon, by Patty Lovell
  • Spaghetti In a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage To be Who You Are, by Maria Dismondy
  • One, by Kathryn Otoshi
  • Stop Picking on Me (A First Look At), by Pat Thomas
  • The Survival Guide To Bullying, by Aija Mayrock
  • The Hundred Dresses, by Eleanor Estes
  • How to talk to kids about bullying, and a helpful app