Nicole Ondatje, Joshua Ondatje, and Minnie Piffarerio founded S.A.F.E. of Boulder County in September 2013.

Joshua and Nicole Ondatje discovered that their daughter was severely allergic to peanuts when she was a year old. Moving from disbelief, then anger and grief to acceptance, they have learned that the journey of every food-allergic parent is a challenging one, especially considering the lack of understanding and support from some friends, extended family, restaurant staff, etc. However, they have found that education and finding the right resources has made life a little bit easier. It is their hope to help educate and support others with a similar plight as well as to raise awareness about the seriousness of food allergies.

Check out FARE’s blog (July 2015) regarding Josh’s effort to raise money for food allergy research and education: Exercising for Evy: How Athlete Josh Ondatje Supports His Daughter.

Minnie Piffarerio is the mother of boy & girl twins.  Both twins are severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. After spending countless hours to talking with other parents of children who have food allergies and sensitivities, it has become very apparent for Minnie that our area needed an active support group for this topic. Minnie’s focus and vision is to bring together a local community to exchange information and support for those living with food allergies.  The more we know about what we can do to help ourselves and our children, the more supported and reassured we can be with a condition that makes many of us feel that so much is out of our control.